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Our company has its own technical department, consisting of engineers and architects to cover design and development of solutions to all questions or problems that may arise in both phases of design and implementation of projects.

Their extensive experience and high qualification ensure fast, reliable and efficient response

Technical Support for chemical anchoring

In MAC GREEN POWER offers consumers ICA, or commonly called chemical anchoring, of different ranges, with contrasted qualities, with all European certification for use as are European CE approvals and ETA, and a really affordable price. All this means that our product is perfect to be used in any job you need it.

In addition, we offer a technical service in two ways: A completely free software for the calculation of chemical anchors, very intuitive and easy to use with which you can calculate the anchor yourself, giving various combinations of chemical and steal bolt valid for a given case for you to choose the option that is most convenient. Secondly, we have a qualified service staff ready to solve any technical questions that could appear.

Our range of chemical bolts is summarized as follows:

  • ICA 300 E: mortar injection free epoxy acrylate styrene concrete high productivity.
  • ICA 500 V: vinylester injection mortar high performance styrene free. Two modes, normal ICA 500 V and ICA 500 V LT for low temperature installations.
  • ICA 1000 EP: epoxy mortar injection of solid material base, with high productivity for concrete, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

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Departamento Técnico


Departamento Técnico